“Sarah is the most wonderful art teacher and set up my three sons with the most memorable art lesson they may ever have”. (Val di Chio, July 2016)

“Sarah has inspired me to get painting again after so many years”. (Saragano, June 2016)

Sarah Miatt, I have to say, was a really inspirational instructor and I can’t believe how much I accomplished in just one week”. (Saragano, June 2016)

“Loved the attention Sarah was able to afford us – able to devote more individual time and was ever-present.” (Montefalco, 2015)

“Sarah gives 200% into everything she does, well over the scope of instruction – I liked her approach to tuition, flexible for guests with different artistic directions”. (Montefalco, 2015)

“I was struggling with painting. Sarah’s patience got me through and she taught me an awful lot of things”. (Saragano, 2014)

“Sarah – excellent and encouraging, helpful, getting us to try new things”. (Saragano, 2014)