Born in the south of England, I have been working, exhibiting and teaching in Tuscany since moving here thirty years ago.

The main source of my inspiration, as it has been for many artists, is the Tuscan landscape. However, that which lies below the surface holds much more interest. In a land under constant human habitation for three millennia, the layers of civilisation have left a wealth of information going back to the time of the ancient Etruscans and beyond.

My personal journey in search of Etruria has led to archaeological sites and museums throughout the Italian peninsula and its islands.

So the earth itself, and the life within it – animals and insects included – are now the focus of my work.

My workspace – my studio, where I also teach – is outdoors amongst the trees, the source of my homemade charcoal.

I work in various media – oil, watercolour, collage, pastel and mixed media. I also enjoy the serendipity of printmaking – dry point and monoprint – and the freedom of pen and ink drawing.